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  For more than ten years, I have provided a growing compendium of pragmatic philosophy, druidry, Celtic myth, legend, and history on the internet. What started out as a simple personal page has grown into a vast collection of online resources, images, and information on the Dark Age period of the British Isles and Celtic lands.

Beneath A Dragon Sky Last Dragon Harper
Dragon Harper Curse Red Knight & Dragon Skies

   Read my novels of the Dragon Skies, a thrilling, dark and sensual story of war and revenge set in 6th Century Celtic Scotland: "Beneath A Dragon Sky", "The Last Dragon Harper", & "Dragon Harper Curse", & the latest addition "Red Knight and Dragon Skies", the history of Myrddin, the last Dragon Harper. Drop into the Dragon Skies page for pdf and hardback versions and more information.

   In the last several years, I have added a touch of modern life with the Celtic Atlanta area, a look into the Celtic music and lifestyle of the Southeast.

   Concerned with health, beliefs and lifestyle, I have also been working on zendruidry, a philosophy mixing aspects of daoism. zen buddhism, druidry, martial arts, health, lifestyle, exercise, and meditation. It is also a place for those who feel a bond with the nature centered philosophies of druidry as an aspect of their life but love their personal faiths.

Jim zenDonaldson

Gordd Cymru & Gov Perdue
Presenting a signed copy of my novels to Gov Perdue following the signing of the Celtic Day proclamation

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