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Philo-Celtic Society

Do dhaoine ar mhaith leo Gaeilge a fhoghlaim, tá scoil shaor in aisce ar líne ag le hábhar scoile foirmiúil feidhmiúil, múinteoirí beo, agus comhaid fhuaime fhairsing. Do bhreis eolais faoin gCumann agus a rangannta, féach ar

For those of you who want to learn Irish, The Philo-Celtic Society has a free on-line school at with a formal and effective curriculum, live teachers, and extensive soundfiles. For more about the Society and its classes, see

Eo Feasa - Learning Irish Online

Interactive Irish Lessons

Old Irish for Scholars and Students was created by Bard na nGleann, Teo., a company based in the Muscraí Gaeltacht in West Cork. The program uses the latest developments in technology and the Internet to meet the worldwide demand for Irish language education.
   In a world where people are increasingly on the move, Irish language teachers are difficult to find and harder to keep. provides a high-quality, stable source of Irish language teaching by using the resources of the Gaeltacht and VOIP (voice-over Internet Protocol) to provide worldwide access to Irish language learning, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By using live links over the Internet, directly from the Gaeltacht, ensures that the learner receives first hand quality language training at a very reasonable cost and in a location that suits the student.
   On the Gaeltacht side, the knowledge that people in places like Australia, Canada, Finland, Norway, USA and other countries are interested in learning the language, is a great source of pride and inspiration to native speakers.
   With the increasing pressure on the survival of the language from the various media, provides a source of pride and hope for the people of Ballingeary and other Gaeltachts. It is hoped that as the service develops, it will create jobs in other Gaeltachts as well. provides several lessons based on practical everyday life so that students can immediately begin to interact with their own environments and daily activities. It seeks to focus the student on the daily life of the Gaeltacht and has already attracted a number of students to travel to the Gaeltacht from other countries. The conversational parts of the program are backed up by sound files, grammar and pronunciation guides with some interesting stories thrown in for good measure. The most interesting part is the ability of the students to do 'live' classes with a native speaker at times that are designed to suit the various time zones around the world.
   Depending on the number of students in the class, the instructor or student can choose to progress to topics that are of particular interest to the student. One student came to visit the Gaeltacht after an eight-week series of classes on, and said that she was able to get by with the amount of Irish she had learned. has great potential for university students who might wish to spend some time studying in Ireland. Not only do they get the 'cúpla focal' of Irish, but they will already have made friends in Ireland and be able to get a feel for the culture and the attitude of the country.

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