Bards & Solo Artists

The Celtic Baird or Bard denoted a class of the Celtic culture of men that sang the praises, history, and eulogies of their lords, chiefs and clansmen. A bard is a multi-talented entertainer, part musician, part poet, part historian. As the centuries have layered over the days of the past, through the film of dust, our musicians still evoke the poetry of our land and culture. This category covers all individual performers (not just a men's club anymore) not yet covered by the special harper, fiddler, and piper areas, the bards of the guitar, the poets of the whistle, the entertainer who holds us enthralled by his words and song.

Lance Jones Florida A bard of the guitar, being of Scottish and Welsh descent, he could not help but fall in love with the music. He has added the bouzouki, bodhr’an and whistles to his skills, has founded several popular groups including Mickle-a-do and Pog, but still enjoys performing both solo or accompanied.  
Duncan McLauchlan Atlanta A talented Scottish singer / songwriter, he plays a variety of instruments to accompany his natural Scottish accent to produce a solid, emotional sound with the feel of the highlands.  His musical armory includes acoustic and electric guitars, bass, bodhran, mandolins, banjo, keyboards, and various percussion instruments.
Ian O'Donnell Atlanta a singer, entertainer and musician in the tradition of the Bards of old, Ian performs traditional Irish/Celtic folk music as well as some of his own original works. A bard at Ren fests, pubs, and festivals, he also performs as part of Toucan Dubh.  
Michael Robbins Atlanta A talented singer and musician, Michael is at home playing solo folk and Celtic music, teaching the guitar, producing, and starring in his own group the Bordercollies, as well as long time Irish Trad Buddy O'Reilly band and the Celtic Christian rock McClure Bridge.  
Kathleen Donohoe Atlanta Originally from Cavan, Ireland, one of Atlanta's best Irish music performers. Her repertoire includes traditional ballads, pub songs, love songs, and Irish melodies both in the Irish language and our own.