Ceili Bands

A form of Irish social dance is the ceili dance. This is a separate repertoire of dances which are commonly danced in Northern Ireland, England, America and Australia, but uncommon to the south of Ireland. There are many forms, for couples or threesomes, in lines, squares and circles, and several in four-couple sets. They are danced to steps which are similar to those used in modern step dancing and unlike those for set dancing. Ceili dances are usually taught formally by dancing teachers. The dances were introduced around the turn of the twentieth century. They suffered some neglect with the revival of set dancing but there is increasing interest in them. Ceili Bands will often be seen at wedding rehearsals, dinners, and at events involving dance exhibition and instruction. They also make great festival bands due to their size and musical arrangements.

Good Fortune Ceilidh Band rich, full sound of twenty-two members playing a wide range of Celtic instruments  

Irish Ceili Dance Music -- Various Artists; Audio CD