Contemporary Celtic Music

This section highlights groups who write their own Celtic music that has a more modern sound and melody than traditional tunes but still the feel of the Celt.

After Class Birmingham acoustic instrumental trio which performs interpretations of O'Carolan tunes as well as original arrangements of Scottish, Welsh, English, Appalachian, Irish, and modern tunes  
Barney's Goat Atlanta perform a range of Irish and Scottish songs mixed American material to spin a good yarn through song.  Moving effortlessly from ribald pub songs to poetic and tragic ballads, they sprinkle in wry humor and running commentary to keep their audience  
Bed & Breakfast Atlanta eclectic duo of Bill and Brenda Sutton specialize in Irish pub songs and unusual modern folk/acoustic music  
the Blair Band Nashville The Blair Band is a passionate, high energy Celtic acoustic group with an innovative organic sound. The band performs a combination of Beatles influenced, stirring original songs along with fiery Scottish/Irish trad instrumentals, Celtic Christian and folk rock tunes.
the Bordercollies Atlanta the Collies blend new contemporary Celtic and original songs along with traditional music
Cavan Cross Acworth a unique sound that lends itself well to traditional Irish and Scottish pieces. Their performance is rounded out by original compositions by their in-house songwriter, Lorena.  
Henri's Notions Florence / Tuscaloosa a well-balanced musical mix of traditional Celtic ballads and jigs as well as their own compositions that have a rhythm and voice reflective of their Southern heritage.
Keltic Kudzu Atlanta Keltic Kudzu features traditional and contemporary celtic music with a southern accent.  From lively fiddle tunes to beautiful vocal harmonies and stirring bagpipes, this is a group that fits almost any occasion.  Moving up the charts of Celtic radio.
Rathkeltair SE (FL, SC, NC) Acoustically based traditional with spine tingling Celtic rock. Burn down the house crowd pleaser at festivals and gigs across east coast
Siansa Atlanta harmony of their music extends to the full range of Celtic, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish traditional melodies of the last several centuries, especially those of Turlough O'Carolan, and a little contemporary