Melody carries a tune. But two voices produce harmony. Sometimes it can be the melody of the guitar with the rhythm and pounding of the bodhran, sometimes the blending of stringed voices with mandolin and fiddle, sometimes the airy whistle rising above the rhythms of bass, or the drone of the pipes over the pounding of drums, but always with the spirit of the Celt. When two multi-talented individual musicians perform together, we often achieve something more than the total of each separate.


Bed & Breakfast Atlanta eclectic duo of Bill and Brenda Sutton specialize in Irish pub songs and unusual modern folk/acoustic music  
Corner House Columbia

Based in Columbia, SC, features Andi Hearn on vocals and fiddle and Davey Mathias on guitar. Well versed in the traditional music and song of Ireland, they share their dynamic music with enthusiasm. They are often joined by expanding guest book of musicians: pipers, fiddlers, banjo, concertina and accordion players.

Lynch & Cannon Huntsville tight instrumentation and vocals, ranging from slow airs to hard-hitting seafaring songs, jigs, and reels, including songs in Irish and Scottish  
The McLauchlans Atlanta providing spirited live performances of popular Irish and Scottish. Duncan is a talented Scottish singer and songwriter, as well as multi-instrumentalist backed by Glaucia great percussion.
Siansa Atlanta harmony of their music extends to the full range of Celtic, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish traditional melodies of the last several centuries, especially those of Turlough O'Carolan, and a little contemporary  
Susan Ottzen Duo Atlanta Susan's foot tapping, bouncy, swinging, lively jazz harp and bass duo  
Toucan Dubh Atlanta Ian and Julia, both talented musicians and singers, bring to their performances a fun, whimsical side of Irish and Celtic music, with a strong repertoire of Irish trad and Ian's own seafaring songs