Ensembles & Trios

After Class   acoustic instrumental trio which performs interpretations of O'Carolan tunes as well as original arrangements of Scottish, Welsh, English, Appalachian, Irish, and modern tunes  
Caledonia Swing Atlanta an Atlanta-based band performing their unique style of traditional and contemporary Celtic music with occasional 30’s/40’s swing tunes thrown in for fun
Hooley   A trad trio performing around area since 97  
Tres de Solei Atlanta An Atlanta trio spin-off from the Bordercollies with traditional and Celtic music featuring guitar, fiddle and vocals.  
3 Weird Sisters Atlanta Together these women make a unique blend of instruments and voices described as "what the Carter family would have sounded like if they'd done filk / folk / Celtic / blues / insert music type."  
Wine, Woman and Song Atlanta Regular performers at the Georgia Renaissance Festival, they specialize in bawdy ballads, pub songs and Renaissance tunes.