Celtic Music Instruments

Handcrafted Dulcimers, 913 S. Main Street, Suite J, Stone Mountain, Burge Searing - Owner, 770-469-5529 or 800-469-5529, a wide range of Mountain & Hammered Dulcimers, Celtic Harps, Psalteries, Books, Lessons, Celtic tapes, and Accessories, Excellent prices on quality hand-made instruments with a life time warranty

Michael Vignoles is a wonderful craftsman who makes the trip from Galway to Atlanta several times a year. He has been making uilleann pipes and bodhrans by hand for over 20 years. Traditional Irish Uilleann Pipes and Bodhrans

Leslie & Company, in-house manufacturer and exporter of Bagpipes, Practice Chanters, Scottish Kilts, Bodhrans, Flutes, Harps and much more.

Flutes and Whistles

Chiffandfipple Tin Whistle mania
Overton whistles Colin Goldie, maker of very fine whistles
Whistle Workshop Interactive Pennywhistle workshop with RealAudio sound files
www.woodenflute.com Wooden flutes
Brad Hurley's Flutes Wooden flutes
Alba Whistles Whistles, flageolets and flutes handcrafted in Scotland
Big Whistle Music New Irish tin whistle site
Phil Bleazey Flute maker
Kiwicelt Wooden Flutes Dedicated to the promotion of Martin Doyle Irish flutes, also an inspirational and resource site.
Bansuri Flutes Manufacturers and exporters of quality bamboo flutes
The Whistle Shop  
Mack Hoover Tinwhistles  



Bodhrandojo Written for and by bodhran players (now incorporating Bodhranii - The Bodhrán Forum - the first stop for every Bodhránai!)
Ceolas bodhrán Everything bodhrán
Bodhrán page Bodhrán page with sound samples and links
Bodhrán World Australian bodhrán site
Brendan White Brendan White, bodhran maker
Bodhrán Online German bodhrán website
Hedwitschak Bodhrans Bavarian Bodhran maker
Pak Nightingale Industries Pakistan Manufacturer & Exporter of Bodhran and other drums

Celtic Accordions

Allodi Accordions Accordion suppliers and specialists
Cairdin Accordions Hand made Irish Accordions
Harmonicas and Stuff Selling Accordions, Saxophones, Concertina's and Harmonicas
www.accordionlinks.com Accordions


The Asturian Bagpipe
Locksley's E-Z Harp Method