You want something special, unique, Celtic for your wedding. Or perhaps after years together, you want a special ceremony to renew your union and declare your undying love before friends and family.

Are You Ready for Marriage?

One of the biggest steps you’ll take in your life, so once you're ready and your Celtic blood cries out, we're ready to assist. But before you actually take that first step down the aisle, there are four things you should ask yourself to determine whether you’re ready to get married.

1. If you have to work hard to convince yourself into the marriage, you’re definitely not ready. If you said yes to the proposal because you thought marriage would solve problems in your relationship, you're not ready. What are your reservations or doubts? Feeling nervous is natural for any man or woman who is about to commit themselves to someone for life. Separate your natural nervousness and fear from the feeling that something is just off. If you feel more unsure than you are sure, reassess your walk down the aisle. Take the time to really evaluate your decision – it’s for life.

2. Do you share the same vision on what’s most important? Marriage isn’t going to succeed on love alone. Differences in our views about work, money, raising children, religion, and values may cause issues once the bloom wears off. We’re not saying you have to agree on every subject, such as politics or day to day habits, to be compatible enough for marriage. Matter of fact, a certain degree of difference can provide zest or balance to a life-long commitment. But you do have to communicate where you are willing to meet in the middle for the best interest of you individually, as partners, and for your future children.

3. As individuals, are you both emotionally healthy and mature? This means having a strong sense of self, of your value as a person, and a willingness to accept your partner for who they are right now, not a vision of what you will make them into. You will change because that’s part of life, but for the most part, who you marry today is the same person you’ll be married to 20 years down the line. Choose someone who is capable of being one half of a healthy marriage.

4. Have you started thinking beyond the big day? Many women have had visions of how their wedding would be since they were little girls. You look forward to the celebration with all of your friends and family, and maybe even become a little obsessive. But remember that your wedding is just one day while your marriage is for a lifetime? The bottom line is to make sure you’re not putting more effort into planning your wedding than you are into planning your marriage.

Still ready. And you want something special, unique, Celtic. We are ready to assist with simple information and books to compliment the traditional or create the fantasy.


A Basic Wedding Checklist

Arranging a marriage can be as simple as a few forms and medical tests and a visit to a judge or as complex as a royal celebration. The more elaborate your plans, the more you need to insure you don't lose sight of the objective. Don't try to do everything yourself. Involve your family and friends. Gather information and use our products and services.

The following wedding checklist is a starting point for you to begin the planning of your wedding. Different couples will have their own priorities, so modify it to meet your needs. But the objective is to place every task on the list and then make sure that each is carried out. Treat the entire process as a managed timeline.

First Step

Determine your budget and type of wedding.

Two years to six months before...

  • Choose the date and time and book the venue.
  • Arrange the wedding with the clergyman, priest, druid, or whomever will be officiating. There may be counseling or other requirements
  • Decide on the bride's gown. There are beautiful designs for any taste and budget but any custom gown will require proper sizing, custom order, and fittings.
  • Decide on the groom's. If he is going to wear a formal traditional attire such as a formal highland kilt, visit our kilt pages and start the selection process. Be sure to order by 10 weeks before to insure arrival and any corrections
  • Start the process of selecting your best man and bridesmaid, page boys and attendants.
  • Select your wedding cake, photographer, video cameraman, wedding cars and florist.
  • Select your wedding rings. Buy them now to allow for any alterations or engravings.
  • Book the honeymoon.
  • Order your wedding stationery.

Eight to Ten weeks before...

  • Discuss the Order of Service with the officator and order printed sheets.
  • Mail your wedding invitations at least two months before and keep a record of who has accepted.
  • Make an appointment to see your doctor and dentist for check-ups.
  • Find out about inoculations you may need if you are going on holiday abroad.
  • For the ladies. If you want to change the name on your passport for your honeymoon, make sure you have sent it away in plenty of time.
  • Organize your going-away outfit.
  • If groom's attire will be rented, arrange for fitting and ordering.
  • Make wedding present list.
  • Send thank you letters for the presents immediately after they arrive.
  • Order flowers for the wedding party.
  • Check that the hotel for the wedding night is booked.

Six weeks before...

  • Supply the florist with details of the color scheme of the wedding and agree on the choice of flowers. Order buttonholes for the mother of the bride, and the mother of the groom after checking what they will be wearing.
  • Choose and order the presents for the bridesmaids, other attendants and the best man.

Four weeks before...

  • Have final fitting for wedding dress.
  • Visit hairdressers and plan your hairstyle for the wedding.
  • Practice wedding make-up if it will give you extra confidence.
  • See officiator and agree on a date for the rehearsal.
  • Complete all paperwork and requirements for your Wedding License

Two weeks to go...

  • Inform the venue of the final number of guests at least 14 days before.
  • Check if there are any other big events taking place in the area to allow for extra time for the journey to the church.
  • Make a final check on the wedding photographer, the cake, cars and flowers.
  • Try on your honeymoon clothes.
  • If honeymooning abroad, check your passports and visas, order travelers' checks, international driving license, if necessary.
  • Arrange for your wedding notice to appear in the local press.

One week to go...

  • Wrap gifts for attendants.
  • Remind groom to place correct fees or insure payment for the officiator, musicians, support staff, and planners. If any payments are in cash or check, place in marked envelopes and give these to the best man.
  • Pack honeymoon clothes and check honeymoon arrangements.
  • Ensure that the bride's mother or some other appropriate person is responsible for taking home the bride's dress and accessories after the wedding. The best man should take charge of the groom's clothes and, if they are hired, return them.

The day before...

  • Arrange for your luggage to be taken to reception venue.
  • Have manicure, wash hair and have an early night.

On the day...

  • Sleep as late as you can without missing the ceremony. Have a leisurely bath and a good breakfast.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time to get dressed, and in the bride's case extra time to do your hair and make-up.
  • It is your day, enjoy!