Celtic Twilight is an extensive repository of Arthurian and Celtic material and draws a large population of visitors of all ages interested in the Dark Age myths and Celtic lifestyle. The site is personally funded and not supported by any educational or business organization.
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A Little Background on the Celtic Twilight

   I can remember the first time that I ever read Malory as a teenager. The staggering scope of the book, the interwoven stories of Arthur and his knights, and the final tragic collapse of the dream left me hungering for more about this legendary king. I searched for other works without much success, as my local library was a small auxiliary branch located in a little old lady's home. Over the years, however, my library has grown and even though I have other interests, the web has given me the chance to share some of my ideas and Arthurian information with people around the world.

   Celtic Twilight is a growing site, originally dedicated to the Arthurian legends, but growing to embrace the surrounding myths and stories and the vast range of Celtic culture.
   For those visitors to Celtic Twilight that are students, this site is an informational and speculative site. Most of the Dark Age period in which Arthur lived is still being studied, with much of the history drawn by interpolation and interpretation of secondary and tertiary sources. Every Arthurian scholar has faced the daunting task of trying to determine what is factual and what fantasy. Most have felt both the admiration and the scorn of their peers during their life. Many that were considered the authoritative scholars of their time have entered their own twilight in which their ideas and opinions are no longer in vogue.

   The manuscripts and articles on this site are drawn from the best of my library that are in the public domain. As such, some of the information fits into the latter category, expressing ideas that some of today's breed of scholar or enthusiast attempt to refute. As a student, you should strive to review all the ideas and make up your own mind. Please be aware that this site should be used as one source of that knowledge. It was once said that for an idea to be held as valid, it must be based upon at least two independent and documented sources that corroborate each other. The study of the Arthurian period is one of interpolation, speculation, and translation of the sources. Do not fall into the trap of taking the speculations as fact. Weigh the ideas, review the sources, read, read, read, and then draw your own conclusions.
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Jim Donaldson Gordd Cymru