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The Legends of Arthur and the Holy Grail

This is not intended to be the grail -- the answer to all of your questions. It is the beginning of the Queste. From this beginning, we can reach a point in which I hope to point the way through this maze of thorns. Too many of the questions we ask ourselves in Arthurian Lore lead to no definitive answer -- only theories and a few, a very few, undisputed facts. History, legend, religion and myth combine in an ageless tableau, a backdrop for our characters and stories -- and provide the material for our discussion. A number of the articles contain speculations, not well-laid out and analyzed theories with solid interlocking support.
This infopedia is a living document. Changes will be posted regularly and due to the changing nature, new items will not be identified explicitly. The information is the articles is an amalgam of information obtained from numerous sources. We have tried to maintain a level of accuracy and well conceived ideas, but are not responsible for any ommissions or inaccuracies in information provided. Historical information for this period of study is a fluid ever changing tapestry. As new information is obtained and integrated, articles will be updated. We accept information for possible inclusion and will entertain additional editors to assist in article development.


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