The Arthurian Legend in Music

King Arthur in Music (Arthurian Studies, 52), Richard Barber (Editor) (Hardcover - January 2003)

A Kid in King Arthur's Court [SOUNDTRACK], Original Soundtrack (Audio CD)

Arthur the King [IMPORT], Maddy Prior (Audio CD), the core of this album is a 10-track suite about Arthur, clocking in at a little under 30 minutes

Isle of Avalon: A Pilgrim's Memoir, Rusty Crutcher (Audio CD)

Camelot Original Cast Recording, Audio CD (June 2, 1998), Sony Music

Camelot: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1967 Film) [SOUNDTRACK] Frederick Loewe, Alan Jay Lerner (Audio CD)

Camelot (Original Broadway Cast), Frederick Loewe (Composer), et al (Audio CD)

First Knight: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Jerry Goldsmith

Grail: A Scifi Rock Musical

Vol. 1-Grail Quest, Medwyn Goodall, Audio CD (June 24, 1997) Oreade Music

Vol. 2-Gift of Excalibur, Medwyn Goodall, Audio CD (November 18, 1997) Oreade Music

Vol. 3-Fair Queen Guinevere, Medwyn Goodall, Audio CD (December 23, 1997) Oreade Music

Holy Grail [Import], Various Artists, Audio CD (November 21, 1996) Mush

Land Of Merlin, Jon Mark, Audio CD, January 15, 1992, Kuckuck Records

Merlin [IMPORT], Kayak (Audio CD)

Merlin and the Dragons, Kevin Kline & Michael Rubini (Audio CD), Storytelling

The Merlin Mystery, Alkaemy, Audio CD, September 8, 1998, Uni/Earthtone

Merlin of the Crystal Cave [SOUNDTRACK], TV Soundtrack (Audio CD), 1991

Merlin: Original Soundtrack [SOUNDTRACK], Trevor Jones (Audio CD), May 12, 1998

Myth & Legends Of King Arthur & Knights Of Round, Rick Wakeman, Audio CD (February 2, 1988) Pgd/A&M

O'r Mabinogi-Legends Of The Celts, Ceredwen, September 23, 1997, Audio CD

Perceval: La quête du Graal (The Quest for the Grail), Vol. 1 Sylvain Bergeron, Daniel Taylor, La Nef (Audio CD)
Perceval: The Quest for the Grail, Vol. 2 Sylvain Bergeron, La Nef (Audio CD)

Quest For Camelot, Audio CD (May 5, 1998) Wea/Atlantic/Curb

The Arthurian Legend in music - The Earth in Turquoise - CD by Stephen Caudel - a beautiful instrumental work with interwoven melody and harmonies. As the musical story progresses, Caudel presents the story with his emotive guitar styles ranging from byzantine to spanish and clashing rock sweeps that blend to create a beautiful tapestry. I find myself playing the CD throughout the day and evening. 

Heather Dale - Photograph by Jennifer MacNeill THE TRIAL OF LANCELOT Heather Dale's first studio recording, with nine original Modern Celtic songs based on the King Arthur legends. MP3 clips available!


Richard Wagner

The Arthur Ballet Performed by the Birmingham Royal Ballet

MacMillan's Birds of Rhiannon

Albeniz' Merlin

Mists of Avalon


Spamalot (2005 Original Broadway Cast)~ Eric Idle, Hank Azaria, David Hyde Pierce, John Du Prez, Tim Curry (Audio CD)