Arthurian and Grail Plays

The Light of Excalibur

Written by Norman Allen

Directed by Gregg Henry

Kennedy Center, Wash DC, Oct 2004

   Sword-wielding Arthur is a boy who would be king in a race against time to reveal his true identity. Joystick-wielding Agnes is a young computer whiz, keen on networks, equations, and video games. In this world-premiere twist on the legend of King Arthur, the wise Merlin transports Agnes back in time to the Dark Ages, to aid Arthur in his quest to become England's rightful ruler. Across a landscape of castles, mazes, and perils at every turn, "right over might" prevails as Agnes and Arthur balance reason with emotion to discover the importance of family, the source of compassion, and the things in life worth fighting for.

Recommended for ages nine and up.