A picture is worth a thousand words. How often we have heard that phrase, repeating it but not grasping its true significance. The artists with oils and inks, charcoals and pastels, canvas and brush transcends the author with his word craft. In a single splash of creativity, he sears our mind with fgtrr bv the ghost image of his own soul. Through the windows of our mind, he races down the synaptic tangles splashing color and form, a visual riot sending neurons arcing to embrace the gestalt of his vision. For a brief instant, we approach the mystic and see through his eyes, reading his mind as no psychic can. The visual wave crashes over us with a single glance and we are left drenched and soaking at the edge of his world.
   These pages will provide all those who peer within these borders, visions of the Arthurian world from the romance and pre-Raphaelite artists and illustrators of the 1800's and early 20th century. Enjoy!

Jim Donaldson Gordd Cymru

Angus Og
Children of Lir
Deirdre of the Sorrows
Riders of the Sidhe

The Dream of Ossian (1815)

Celtic Glass Painting

Celtic Stained Glass Pattern Book