Irish Linkage

The Old-Irish-L email list, for Scholars and Students of Old Irish

CELT - Corpus of Electronic Texts Includes an awful lot of texts in Old, Middle and Modern Irish, and a some in translation

ISOS - Irish Script On Screen Includes high resolution images of the pages of the Book of Leinster. Needs serious bandwidth.

Old Irish Spelling and Pronunciation, by Dennis King

The Cattle Raid of Cooley Translation by Faraday of Recension 1 of the Tain (from the Book of the Dun Cow and elsewhere)

Complete Cattle Raid of Cooley, Irish and English, Recension 2 of the Tain (the Book of Leinster version), text from Windisch's edition matched up with Dunn's translation (which introduces bits and pieces from other versions, so the match isn't exact)

The Story of Mac Datho's Pig, A shorter story from the Ulster Cycle, with text and translation by Thurneysen.

The Voyage of Bran (Old Irish) and translated by Kuno Meyer:

Pangur Ban, Well-known Old Irish poem about a cat

A very sarcastic Old Irish poem: