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The Wiccan pentacle has been added to the list of emblems allowed in national cemeteries and on government-issued headstones of fallen soldiers, according to a settlement announced Monday, Apr 23, 2007. The pentacle has been added to 38 symbols the VA already permits on gravestones. They include commonly recognized symbols for Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Judaism, as well as those for smaller religions such as Sufism Reoriented, Eckiankar and the Japanese faith Seicho-No-Ie. "This settlement has forced the Bush Administration into acknowledging that there are no second class religions in America, including among our nation's veterans," said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, which represented the Wiccans in the lawsuit.

Morgan Le Fay's Book of Spells and Wiccan Rites, Jennifer Reif

The Pagan Book of Halloween: A Complete Guide to the Magic, Incantations, Recipes, Spells, and Lore, Gerina Dunwich, (October 3, 2000), Penguin USA, Paperback 

The Creatures of Celtic Myth, Bob Curran, Andrew Whitson (Illustrator) (May 2000) Blandford Pr Hardcover - 192 pages

The Silver Wheel: Women's Myths & Mysteries in the Celtic Tradition, Marguerite Elsbeth, Kenneth Johnson (Contributor) (Dec 1996) Llewellyn Pubs; Paperback - 212 pages 1 Ed

The 'Gardnerian' Book of Shadows

the Celtic Holidays & Festivals


Y Tylwyth Teg, Association of Cymry Wiccae in Marietta


Arianrhodstorm's Celtic Wicca

Sisterhood of Avalon

WiccaNet The Home of Wicca and Wiccans on the Web

Pair Dynion Grove of the Old Religion is a tuath-centered teaching coven located in the North Metro Atlanta

Kindling the Celtic Spirit: Ancient Traditions to Illumine your Life through the Seasons by Mara Freeman (Harper, Dec. 2000). In this beautiful must-have compendium of all things Celtic, Celtophiles will discover myths, rituals, recipes, and crafts that range from richly detailed to stunningly simple. Traditional blessings, greetings, toasts, ancient lore, and guided meditations inspire readers to reconnect with the rhythms of the natural world, and view the sacred as an integral part of each day. Chalice Productions also produces the following Mara Freeman CDs

Celtic Spirit Meditations (Audio CD)
Celtic Tales of Birds and Beasts (Stories from the Otherworld) (Audio CD)

Rhuddlwm Gawr et al Books:
The Quest: A Search for the Grail of Immortality
The Way: A Discovery of the Grail of Immortality Welsh Witchcraft and the Old Religion
The Word: Welsh Witchcraft, the Grail of Immortality and the Sacred Keys

Animals in Celtic Life and Myth, Amanda J. Green, Miranda Green (February 1993) Routledge; Hardcover
Animals in Celtic Life and Myth, Miranda Green (May 1998) Routledge; Paperback - 140 pages 1 edition
Awen, the Quest of the Celtic Mysteries, Mike Harris (Apr 14, 1999) Sun Chalice Books; Paperback - 314 pages
The Celtic Book of Living and Dying, Juliette Wood, (Sep 2000) Chronicle Books; Hardcover
Celtic Spirituality, Oliver Davies (Editor), Thomas O'Loughlin (Editor) (Feb 2000) Paulist Press; Hardcover - 576 pages
Celtic Spirituality, Oliver Davies (Ed), Thomas O'Loughlin (Ed) (Feb 2000) Paulist Press; Paperback  
The Elements of the Goddess, Caitlin Matthews (December 1997) Element; Paperback
The Sacred World of the Celts: An Illustrated Guide to Celtic Spirituality and Mythology, Nigel Pennick (November 1997) Inner Traditions Intl Ltd; Hardcover - 144 pages illustrate edition

The Wiccan Prayer Book: Daily Meditations, Inspirations, Rituals, and Incantations, Mark Ventimiglia

The Wicca Cookbook: Recipes, Ritual, and Lore, Jamie Wood, Tara Seefeldt